This home’s shady back yard contains an inviting pool, but lacked an adequate space to entertain. The largest patio area was not easily accessible from either the main back entrance or the kitchen. First the homeowners added a door from the kitchen, but the original landscaping still made it difficult to maneuver since it was divided by a fence and vine covered arbor. The entire space was opened up by removing the fence and overgrown shrubs and vines. A new walkway connects the new kitchen entrance to the pool area. A new patio and gazebo provide a place to relax and entertain. Lush evergreens and seasonal accents line the sidewalk.

Screening and privacy also were important since the area is visible from the street. A wrought iron fence now separates the driveway entrance and creates an inviting court yard. Colorful pots and unique art add outdoor accents. And evergreens screen the unsightly views of the air conditioners and driveway. The bird friendly area by the kitchen adds to this inviting garden. The sunny bed area by the pool is planted with cut flowers and herbs. A shady area overflows with Ferns and Aralias. The overall result is a private and functional place to relax and entertain.