Fall is Fantastic for Planting!

Fall is Fantastic for Planting!

After an unusually wet August, and hot, dry September and October, fall has finally settled in nicely. We are still seeing some warm days, but afternoon and evenings are delightful. It’s perfect weather to grab that glass of wine or iced tea and enjoy being out of doors.

Fall is fantastic for planting and a great time to renovate your landscape. Now is the time to assess the summer’s impact and identify those drought and heat tolerant plants that show the least damage. Start your cleanup by pruning or removing damaged plants. Once your existing landscape is in shape, add new water-wise and drought tolerant plants.

It is an especially great time to plant new trees and shrubs. Plants installed in the fall put their energy into root growth, making them stronger and healthier by the time next summer’s heat arrives. Make sure your new plants receive sufficient water if there is not adequate rainfall. Even drought tolerant plants will need supplemental water until they become established, even though they will survive long term with little water. The plants added now require less water to become established than the same plants would if planted in the spring.

Fall is also a great time to transplant. If a shrub was located incorrectly and has outgrown its space, you may want to relocate it so that it has adequate room to grow to maturity. A properly placed plant will look better and require less pruning. Divide your perennials if they are overgrown, are flowering less or have died in the center. Do not divide fall blooming perennials.

Enhance your fall landscape with dianthus, snapdragons, pansies and ornamental kale to create fall and winter color. And don’t forget to plant you spring bulbs. Freshen up your landscape and protect your plants for the winter with a new layer of mulch.

If you would like to update your landscape, need help with your seasonal clean up or would like to add winter color, give us a call – we’d love to help. (972) 429-7707.

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