Landscape Design
Landscape Design

Flowers’ Gardens & Landscapes has spent years perfecting our landscape design process here in Dallas and North Texas.

We provide high quality landscapes and hardscapes and can complete them in a timely manner. Our recommendations are based on a sound understanding of the local flora and what it will take to maintain it. We provide a landscape that will survive through the Texas seasons and is designed with long term growth in mind. Large or small, Flowers’ Gardens & Landscapes will provide our clients with a clear vision of the final result. We take your needs seriously and will do everything we can to make your outdoor design dreams come to life.

Landscape Installation
Landscape Installation

Designing the landscape​​ is only part of the process.

Landscape installation by Flowers’ Gardens & Landscapes is completed by a staff of employees that are trained and knowledgeable about the process. Our owner, Maribeth Flowers, APLD will supervise the installation to ensure that any needed adjustments are made and that the results are nothing less than stellar. We will schedule your installation once the scope of work is agreed upon and the contract is signed.

Want to approach your outdoor endeavor in a phased approach? Flowers’ Gardens & Landscapes can complete your installation immediately or spread the project over time. We can even offer oversight and consultation on an hourly basis to those gardeners who would like to take the reins at any time. We encourage our clients to get involved and we assure you that we will be there to assist. Normal hourly rates will apply.

Why We Care
Why we care

Our sincere desire is that your beautiful landscape will bring you many years of enjoyment.  Our goal is that your outdoor oasis will continue to thrive and grow while adding longterm value to your property.’

Quality service is reflected in all that we do and that will not change after installation. Once your project is complete, Cindy, our Client Care Specialist, will meet with you and take a look at your completed project.  She will check your plants, discuss watering and answer any questions you may have.  Over the next six months, she’ll drop by several times to ensure your landscape is thriving and address any other issues.

Communication is key during this time.  We ask that you inspect your new plants regularly and contact us immediately if you notice a problem.  Addressing issues promptly will prevent plant loss.  If you have a problem with irrigation, lighting or anything that we installed, let us know and we will take care of it.

Our follow up program is unparalleled which ensures you are not forgotten after your installation is complete.  We offer education and ongoing support so that your landscape thrives and continues to be exactly what you imagined.

Texas weather can be unique and unpredictable, but here at Flowers’ Gardens & Landscapes we believe that continued enjoyment of your outdoor garden is as simple as ongoing oversight from our professionals. ​After your 6 month follow up period, ​we will evaluate how your garden is growing and explain what you can do to keep it fresh and clean. Our goal is to make sure that your outdoor oasis continues down the path of beauty for many years to come.

Why We Are the Best
Why we are the best

Looking for a Dallas landscaping contractor?

Our Dallas area landscaping clients know that getting the right landscape design is crucial. At Flowers’ Gardens & Landscapes, we have many educational services that will allow you the best of your outdoor living space here in DallasPlanoAllenMcKinney, and elsewhere around the metroplex. We will meet with you, advise you on the best way to maintain your new landscape, and we will even continue the relationship far after the initial installation is complete.

We want to make sure that our clients around the Dallas metroplex are thrilled with their new oasis. We can discuss how to care for the new landscape as well as provide additional visits to make sure your education continues as your landscape matures.

​Owner Maribeth Flowers, APLD is committed to providing the best continu​ing​ education for those with a new install​ation​ or even for those gardeners who feel the do-it-yourself (DIY) approach fits them better.

Also, for those that want to learn more about horticulture, or have horticultural ambitions, Maribeth can provide education and speaking engagements that will impress even the most skilled Dallas landscaper. Our educational services as well as our consultations are provided at an hourly rate. For more information regarding your landscaping needs in Dallas, Plano or the surrounding areas please contact Flowers’ Gardens & Landscapes today.​